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SIDRA Advanced Trading

SIDRA is had been embellished to reflect our specialty in our field of trading & catering which is derived FMCG in the Saudi Market for the global and local companies by international standards to proceed our achievements and launch our services in Saudi Arabia.


Our Vision

Presenting sincere indications in a healthy environment that contributes to delivering tangible achievements that support our partners in all their components.

Core Value

   1. Take responsibility.

2. Pride in providing excellent services.

3. Strengthening and developing internal and external axes

4. Team spirit and excellence in delivering strategic performance.

Who we are

SIDRA are a group of experts who have the task of presenting their creations and documenting them with their partners' files.


SIDRA is highlighting all that is positive and defining the negative to advance and improve levels of performance improvement by creating new opportunities for achievements with catering of FMGC

We design and implement transparency-based solutions that are dominated by global standards, controls, and requirements to provide our customers with excellence from others in the business community and competitors. We are reflecting on our past experiences and our current practice in our future services with our structural transformation processes. 

Planning & improvements

SIDRA diagram explains our planning cycle's going. Through our experiences as well as information that builds commitment of individuals in key administrative positions with our team. Our position includes fact sheets, reports and visiting or talking with customers who have had success with our approach. – Written action plans are developed by our team. – Our team writes a clear vision of what they want the new reality to be. – The challenges are translated into action steps to be taken to overcome the challenges. – Finally, our team process as well as the outcomes of our team’s work are evaluated at several points in time.